IZ*ONE’s Choreographer Explains The Truth About The Group’s “Fiesta” Bruises

“I felt so sorry for them…”

Freemind choreographer Chae Dasom was worked with some of the biggest acts in K-Pop, including TWICE, Cosmic Girls, GFRIEND, and more. Recently, she’s been working a lot with IZ*ONE too. But while her work for the group tends to have everyone in awe, “Fiesta”‘s choreography came under fire earlier this year after the members were seen with big bruises on their knees—or were they? In a new YouTube video for AYO, Chae Dasom explained the truth behind them.

Back during “Fiesta” era, IZ*ONE fans were understandably concerned when they noticed big, dark bruises on the members’ knees. Korean social media was abuzz with worried comments at the time, many fans saying the bruises were “so black” and looked like they “hurt like hell“.

In the interview with AYO, Chae Dasom responded to a comment stating “IZ*ONE’s choreographer is unreasonable” for adding so many kneeling moves to “Fiesta”. But rather than defending her choreography, Dasom actually agreed.

Right! I saw this too, and I felt so sorry for them.

— Chae Dasom

However, she explained that the “bruises” fans saw weren’t really bruises at all. When Chae Dasom asked the members about it, they told her the black marks were actually just dust from the stage! Seems like many music shows aren’t cleaning their floors properly.

Dasom went on to admit that while the dark spots on screen were definitely dust, the members did sadly have small bruises underneath. She explained that she wanted to show every member’s face equally, which is why she had to incorporate so many kneeling moves into the choreography.

Even though the bruising was mostly a misunderstanding, Chae Dasom did laughingly apologize to the members for putting them through strain.

Dasom also worked with IZ*ONE on their latest song, “Secret Story of the Swan”, which also included kneeling. Thankfully, though, fans didn’t notice any visible injuries on the members, leading many to speculate that the choreographer took netizen’s comments from “Fiesta” to heart.

Watch the full video for yourself here: