IZ*ONE Discuss The Best Characteristics Of Every Member

“We are very proud to have such a beautiful face in IZ*ONE”

In a recent interview, IZ*ONE were asked to “State the best point” about the person to their immediate right. The girls gave a wild range of answers, beginning with Eunbi talking about Nako.

(On Nako) Recently she’s made people think she’s cute. So whenever I see her, I want to bite her.

– Eunbi

(On Sakura) Saku-chan is usually playing games at the dorm. That’s how she appears to us in private. However, the Saku-chan on stage is a totally different person. I’m really happy to be able to see Sakura’s cool side. I really like Saku-chan.

– Nako

(On Wonyoung) Wonyoung is our center. She has really good proportions, her face is really small yet her legs are long. I’m really envious of that. Sometimes she shows us her cute side which matches her age and I really like that.

– Sakura

(On Yuri) For our Yuri-unnie, she’s our main vocalist, right? And so, fittingly, sometimes she leisurely sings in her room or she hums songs endlessly. I’ve seen her do that kind of thing before. In the dorm, she always shoulders the expectations of the group and I’m grateful for that. She’s a really cute unnie so I’ve always liked her very much.

– Wonyoung

(On Chaewon) For our Chaewon-unnie, if you’re talking visuals, she has it. If you’re talking dance, she can do it too. She really is a multi-talented person.

– Yuri

(On Yujin) She really has an endless supply of energy, she always acts as our moodmaker so I think she’s an awesome dongsaeng and she’s also great at dance and great at singing. She’s a multi-skilled kid.

– Chaewon

(On Hyewon) Regarding Hyewon-unnie, she’s an honest person. So when she says things like “You’re pretty today” or “Your photo is cute” you can feel her sincerity. She’s the member who can make us feel the happiest also because she’s cool. She’s so cool that no matter what you say to her she doesn’t take it to heart and forgets it. She’s the type who doesn’t hold grudges, it’s very dashing.

– Yujin

(On Hitomi) Speaking of Hii-chan, Hitomi has cute looks but she’s also amazing at dance. Hii-chan looks very cute but she has abs. She’s amazing. I think she’s someone with good self-management

– Hyewon

(On Yena) When we’re all tired, Yena-unnie always does something funny. She’s someone who can fire up a crowd. When Yena stands on stage, she’s a charismatic genius.

– Hitomi

(On Chaeyeon) As for Chaeyeon. She’s exactly as everyone knows and has seen before, she’s really the best dancer I have ever witnessed. On top of that, she’s gorgeous with long limbs. When she does a wave, it’s like seeing a sea creature in the flesh which is really cool. That is why when Chaeyeon is dancing, people watching her will be bewildered.

– Yena

(On Minju) For our Minju, we are very proud to have such a beautiful face in IZ*ONE. She’s really a goddess and a very kind person, not only is she kind but she is hardworking. She really has no flaws at all and it’s admirable and her body proportions are very good. Honestly speaking, there are times, honestly, even her emotional expressions are very beautiful. Even though she has a frog as her nickname, this frog is still very beautiful and she has a very delicate mindset and is always hardworking and diligent and she will always check her stage performances, she has this good habit.

– Chaeyeon

(On Eunbi) This is fate. For Eunbi, she really is perfect. There is nothing she can’t do. She can dance, she can sing, she counsels us and has work experience. She is excellent in all of these. I do not have an older sister but I always wondered if I did have one, would she be like her? I wish she was my older sister, she really is amazing.

– Minju

It’s clear from this interview that IZ*ONE support each other immensely.

Source: IZ Subs