IZ*ONE Fans Dangerously Hoard Around Members At Airport, Security Guard’s Actions Go Viral

The security guard reacted and fans are all talking about it.

When IZ*ONE arrived at the airport, the fans immediately began crowding around the members, creating a dangerous situation by pushing and shoving everyone present.


As the situation escalated quickly, one security guard stood out as he shouted the truth towards the sasaeng fans.

“Aren’t they your artist? Aren’t they you artist too? Do you call yourselves fans while acting like this? Huh?

Is this how fans are supposed to act? It’s just too ridiculous!”

— Security Guard


He reiterated that they were hurting the members – the members who they all care for enough that they showed up to the airport.

“They’re going to get hurt! The artists are going to get hurt! I’m telling you the artists you love are going to get hurt!”

— Security Guard


IZ*ONE fans applauded the security guard for speaking up on behalf of the members and making sure that they were safe.


Hopefully, fans of any fandom will take the Security-nim’s advice and enjoy their time with biases in a safe environment!