IZ*ONE’s Pre-Recorded Episode On “IDOL ROOM” May Not Air Due To Recent Controversy

Other variety shows are also debating the group’s scheduled appearances.

IZ*ONE has already filmed their episode for IDOL ROOM but it appears their episode may or may not air all together.

JTBC, the broadcasting station for IDOL ROOM, announced that they had finished filming with IZ*ONE but they will decide to air it or not depending on the police investigations.

IZ*ONE’s appearance has already finished filming. We haven’t decided on whether or not to air it.

We will make a decision based on the progression of the police investigations.



IZ*ONE filmed the episode in celebration for the upcoming release of their 1st full-length album, “BLOOM*IZ*” that’s set to drop on November 11. However, their promotions have been facing backlash and cancelations due to the recent news where Ahn Joon Young PD confessed to manipulating the final votes for PRODUCE X 101 and PRODUCE 48.


IZ*ONE was scheduled to appear on multiple other variety programs, such as MBC’s My Little Television V2, Netflix’s Busted 2 and more. But they have all announced that they are currently “discussing about their broadcast appearances.

IZ*ONE was also scheduled to host a comeback showcase on the 11th but has canceled it for the time being. It remains unknown whether they will be rescheduling it for another date.