Jo Yuri Opens Her Own Personal Instagram Account

Now there’s just one former IZ*ONE member missing 🥺

IZ*ONE‘s former main vocalist Jo Yuri has become the latest member to open her own Instagram account.

Revealed on June 3, Yuri’s account was opened with the username @zo__glasss. “Zo” is an alternative romanization of Yuri’s family name, Jo, while “glass” is the English translation of the Korean word “yuri.”

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For her first post, Yuri uploaded two beautiful photos of herself holding a flower with two heart emojis as the caption.

Several of Yuri’s friends—including Weki Meki‘s Yoojung and fellow former IZ*ONE members Honda Hitomi and Kang Hyewon—left comments on the photos calling her “pretty.” As for her profile picture, Yuri went with a selfie showing off her alluring and expressive gaze.

| @zo__glasss/Instagram

Within just one day of opening her account, Yuri had already reached almost 300,000 followers. Her name also reached Twitter‘s Social Media trends list with over 75,000 tweets.

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Jo Yuri is now the eleventh former member of IZ*ONE to join Instagram. An Yujin recently began using the account she opened back in 2017 again, and currently has over 700,000 followers.

The remaining Korean members opened their Instagram accounts in May this year. Kim Chaewon has over 500,000 followers.

Jang Wonyoung has 850,000 followers.

Kwon Eunbi has 600,000 followers.

Lee Chaeyeon currently has almost 630,000 followers.

Choi Yena currently has over 650,000 followers.

Kang Hyewon currently has almost 700,000 followers.

Plus, the group’s former Japanese members all have Instagram accounts which were opened before they joined IZ*ONE. Miyawaki Sakura has 1.4 million followers.

Yabuki Nako has over 910,000 followers.

And Honda Hitomi has over 850,000 followers.

Kim Minju is now the final remaining member fans are waiting on over on Instagram.