IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Loses Her Cool When A Fan Disses Her Favorite League Champion

Hyewon was not having it.

IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon recently held a live broadcast with fans where she lost her cool in response to a comment dissing her favorite League of Legends champion.

During a casual chat with fans, Hyewon confessed that she enjoys playing the champion, Teemo in League of Legends.

Teemo | League of Legends


But she must’ve seen a negative comment about Teemo because she went off in an adorable way.

Why are you looking down on Teemo?

— Hyewon

When one fan expressed that Teemo annoys them, Hyewon questioned what she just read.

Wait, what’s this?

— Hyewon

Hyewon couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but Sakura next to her sympathized with the fan.

Maybe that’s how it is for them. It kind of infuriates you when you lose to Teemo.

— Sakura

And Hyewon agreed with that one.

You have to spam the jungle with mushrooms.

— Hyewon

Ahead of this incident, Hyewon revealed multiple times that Teemo is her favorite champion when playing League of Legends.

Check out the full “dispute” below:

Source: Insight