Former IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju Seems To Be Gearing Up To Move Into The Acting Industry

Fans noticed a change on her company website.

After IZ*ONE‘s disbandment in April 2021, the members have all been moving into their respective individual activities. Kwon Eunbi made her debut as a solo, while Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung have been preparing for a girl group debut. Kang Hyewon has been gearing up for a move into acting while on the other hand, Minju has been active as an MC for a music show.

Netizens began deducing she would soon move into the acting industry after her company recently updated her artist profile on their official website. She is now listed as actor rather than musician. Comparatively, her fellow K-Pop Star contestant labelmate, Kriesha Chu, is still listed under musician.

This comes as no surprise to fans as Minju has appeared in various dramas growing up, including Tempted.

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Her agency also released a stunning set of profile photos for Minju.

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Whatever her path holds, we’re sure WIZ*ONEs will continue to support her!

Source: theqoo