Kwon Eunbi’s Adorable New Puppy Makes Its Debut In Her “Eternity” Track Video

We can’t get over how cute Eunbi’s puppy is!

Kwon Eunbi has been busily preparing to make her solo debut with her mini album Open. In her recent track making video, she revealed that in between her hectic preparations, she’s also added a new member of the family.

“Door” | wooliment/YouTube 

Eunbi has formally introduced fans to her adorable new dog, Geumbi.

“Eternity” | wooliment/YouTube 

Geumbi made her first official “on screen” appearance in Eunbi’s track video for her song “Eternity.”

“Eternity” | wooliment/YouTube 

When talking about the decision to introduce Geumbi in this way, Eunbi revealed that while she mentioned to fans she’d eventually introduce the pup, the plan all along was to introduce her through this video.

“Actually, I planned it all along. I was going to introduce her today.” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

Eunbi further shared that Geumbi is “still a baby” and that she wishes for her fans to “show her a lot of love!”

“She’s still a baby. Isn’t she cute? Please show her a lot of love!” | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

This isn’t the first time fans have seen Geumbi, however. They may have caught glimpes of the cute canine before in a past VLIVE stream.

From Eunbi’s VLIVE stream on August 16. | FeatherChaenWings (new account)/YouTube 

Based on the behind-the-scenes footage, it’s clear Eunbi is an excellent pet parent who loves Geumbi very much.

Eunbi and Geumbi | 권은비 – KWON EUN BI/YouTube 

We already love the bond bewteen Eunbi and Geumbi and can’t wait to see how they grow together over the coming years. To see Eunbi’s full track video behind-the-scenes, check out the video below: