Former IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon Is Confirmed To Have Her Solo Debut Next Month

It’s about time!

A week or so ago, something said by ITZY‘s Chaeryeong had fans speculating that her sister, former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon, could be releasing a solo album soon.

Lee Chaeyeon

It wasn’t confirmed to be an album or solo debut, but Chaeryeong said that her sister was working on a project that would be ready soon, and now, it seems we have confirmation of that project!

Lee Chaeyeon

According to a media outlet report on September 15, Chaeyeon is planning to release her solo debut album sometime in October.

Lee Chaeyeon

This comes about a year and a half after IZ*ONE disbanded in April 2021, and will make Chaeyeon the fourth former member of the group to release a solo album after Kwon EunbiJo Yuri, and Choi Yena.

Lee Chaeyeon | Bubble

We can’t wait to see what this talented idol has in store for her long-awaited solo debut!