IZ*ONE Was Sexualized In OCN’s Drama And Fans Are Outraged

“Wow, look at those breasts.”

OCN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama, “Class of Lies”, is under fire for sexualizing the members of IZ*ONE.

The drama focuses on Gi Moo-hyeok (Yoon Kyun Sang), a lawyer who goes undercover as a teacher in Chunmyung High School where a murder took place.

The offending scene featured a police officer sitting down during his break and watching IZ*ONE’s variety show IZ*ONE Chu. The officer says, “Wow look at those breasts” and “The second I get discharged, I’ll get a girlfriend like this.”

Fans and non-fans alike were outraged at his words, firstly because he was likely talking about Yujin who is among the minors in IZ*ONE.

They pointed out that regardless of age, no one deserves to be harassed especially in front of national television.

Netizens called for the show to be cancelled, wondering how the episode was even allowed to be aired.

At the end of the day, netizens pointed out that the least the show writers can do is to apologize.