IZ*ONE’s Nako Proves That She’s The President of TWICE’s Fanclub

Nako’s love for TWICE is out of this world!

IZ*ONE’s Yabuki Nako shows that no matter what, she will always show her love for TWICE!

During the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships, ONCEs noticed Nako saluting an image of Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu when it came up on the jumbo-screen.

Immediately, ONCEs jokingly dubbed Nako “ONCE President” due to her constantly letting her fangirl flag fly when it comes to TWICE.

Nako has shown her love for the group numerous times in the past, such as showing off her TWICE merch on her Showroom channel during her time on Produce 48.

She then had her fangirl dreams come true by actually meeting TWICE backstage (and getting a picture with them!) when both IZ*ONE and TWICE were promoting at the same time.

ONCEs commented on Twitter about Nako continuing to show her love for TWICE, saying things such as:

  • “She’s the cutest ONCE.”
  • “She is whipped for Twice OMG!”
  • “I just want TWICE to hug Nako, is that so hard?”

We really hope that Nako can eventually cross another TWICE related goal off her list and one day do a special stage with them!