IZ*ONE’s Management Files An Additional Charge In Their Second Lawsuit Against Malicious Comments

The first lawsuit against malicious comments was in November 2019.

In a press statement released by IZ*ONE‘s two management companies, Off The Record and Swings Entertainment, additional information regarding a new charge in their second lawsuit against malicious comments was made public.

On May 25, the companies announced that they were bringing forth a second lawsuit against malicious comments, the first one occurring in November of last year. On June 11, the companies made public that, after reviewing self-monitored data with their law firm Jipyeong, they had decided to press further charges for violation of Article 70(2) of the Information and Communications Network Law, specifically violation of the Personal Information Protection Act.

The two companies stated that the malicious comments were “made on various social media and community sites online, and the comments included gross misrepresentation of the members as well as sexual harassment.” They stated that both the members and their families have suffered as a result and that there is “no intent to agree with any preemptive actions or words of those accused.”

The companies released the following statement:


This is Off The Record and Swing Entertainment, co-managers of IZ*ONE.

First, we say thank you to the fans who have always shown IZ*ONE their love and support.

On May 25, we announced that we would be filing an additional lawsuit against the authors responsible for insulting and defamatory posts against the members of IZ*ONE. This second lawsuit will be filed against those who have violated the Information and Communications Network Law (defamation).

We revealed on May 25 our partnership with Jipyeong law firm to collect self-monitored data and information collected by the group’s fan association. After reviewing the data with the law firm, an additional charge was made on June 8 for violation of Article 70(2) of the Information and Communications Network Law.

Those being prosecuted are ones who have taken to SNS and have posted comments conatining an sexual harrassment as well as for insulting and misrepresenting the members of IZ*ONE.

As these various malicious online posts have caused serious ongoing psychological distress not only to the members of IZ*ONE but also to their families, there is no intent to agree with the statements or actions of the accused.

We will continue to do our best to protect IZ*ONE through continuous monitoring, and if necessary, we will file additional charges against the accused if we notice similar acts occurring. We ask that you please refrain from harming others under the cloak of anonymity.

Thank you to everyone who has supported IZ*ONE, and we will continue to do our best to protect the artist. We ask for your continued warm encouragement and support of the members.

Thank you.

—Off The Road and Swings Entertainment

Meanwhile, IZ*ONE is still set to release their third mini-album Oneiric Diary on June 16 on various music sites.

Source: OSEN