IZ*ONE’s Parallel Universe Project Officially Comes To A Close, All Donations To Be Canceled

They will try different ways to bring the girls together.

Wadiz has announced the end of the IZ*ONE relaunch funding project, Parallel Universe. In addition, the Parallel Universe Project Committee who led this project, plans to continue its fandom-led activities even after the end of the project. On July 29, the Parellel Universe project posted a message online regarding the future plans of the project.

Although the project received an explosive interest in funding and promoted a relaunch plan from various angles, they were not able to reach an agreement due to the current situation of each member and the difference in position of the agencies. Thus, they decided to end the project as of July 29 and respect everyone’s wishes.

However, they also initiated the possibility of other activities in the form of projects or units that could be reviewed for the future. The Parallel Universe Committee will continue to expand the ties and connections with the respective agencies that have been built up through this project so that the IZ*ONE members can unite through collaborations, unit groups, concerts. Details related to the progress will be continuously updated through the official Parallel Universe Twitter.

Because crowdfunding is a payment structure that gets paid after the end of a project, the amount raised through this project will automatically be canceled starting from July 30 without a separate cancelation application process.

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