CJ ENM Lays Down Terms For IZ*ONE’s Potential Reunion — But It Could Only Be Temporary

We might be getting new songs if things work out.

According to media reports, there is a chance that IZ*ONE will be able to get back together. Although the group has officially disbanded in April 2021, many fans remain hopeful for the group to get back together. After a relaunch project was set up by fans including a fundraiser, CJ ENM had stated that discussions had been kicked off regarding the matter.

On June 25, 2021, according to a report by Star News, CJ ENM has been in discussions with various companies since May. The discussions included terms for a concert to be held in both Korea and Japan, as well as 2 digital singles. However, it cannot be seen as a complete relaunching of the group, but rather, as promotional activities for the members of IZ*ONE before their companies layout plans for their future as individuals. This is out of consideration for the individual companies who are in the midst of planning the future for each of the IZ*ONE members in their respective companies.

According to a tipoff from a representative of one of the involved companies, the representative claims that CJ ENM has indeed made the offer but nothing has been set in stone. Stay tuned.

Source: Star Today