IZ*ONE’s Sakura Gives Candid And Touching Thoughts On Produce X101

“Produce is very tough”

Sakumail is a regular written update by IZ*ONE’s Sakura where she gives her thoughts about recent events.

After the group’s appearance on the finale of Produce X 101Sakura released an edition of Sakumail where she revealed her thoughts on the show and how she was feeling watching it all.

For me what I felt being in that place, I don’t know if I can really express it. It made me think again on the reasons why I can be there at that place, watching. One year ago, I was standing on that stage, working hard together with everyone receiving love from the national producers, and now I’m able to carry on my activities as IZ*ONE. Remembering back those days, and of course, I remembered that day during the final episode.

– Sakura

Sakura then explored how tough a show like Produce can be on its contestants.

Produce, it is really tough. I always cry watching the broadcast alone. If people saw me, what would they think? I was afraid. But as each episode goes by, I made lots of friends, little by little things that I can do starts increasing, it was tough but each and every day was glittering brightly. Everyone on Produce X 101, I’m sure it was similarly tough for, but wasn’t every day glittering as well? Produce may be cruel but the sight of someone desperately working towards their dreams hits you in the heart.

– Sakura

She then talked about how she felt seeing contestants eliminated at the end of the show.

For me, just like on that day, I felt it yesterday too. The feeling that there was just too few seats. With just a one position difference, your whole life can change, it’s very heart aching. Seeing how they cried when a friend they were close with didn’t make it in, my tears flowed too. I can’t help but remember that day again. But those who are debuting in X1 and those who aren’t, there is still a long life ahead of you. Whether you can make your life shine or not, everything is depending on you.

– Sakura

Sakura then finished her post with some sage advice to herself.

That, of course, applies to me too. Why is why I should never forget to be thankful, I should always remember my days on Produce while exerting my full energy to do my best every day. I was supposed to go there to support but I gained strength instead. Once again, to everyone involved in Produce X 101, thank you for your hard work.

– Sakura

Sakura clearly learned a lot from her experience on the set of Produce X 101.