IZ*ONE’s Sakura To Resume Her Position As DJ On Radio Show Once More

She’s retuning to her radio show!

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura is going to be a DJ again!

On February 13, news outlet Oricon News reported that Sakura is to return to her DJ position on the Bay FM Radio ShowTonight, Under The Sakura Tree after a 3-month break.

Miyawaki Sakura had temporarily stepped down from her position in November 2019, owing to the Produce 101 controversy at the time, which led to the postponement of all of IZ*ONE’s activities. The members of IZ*ONE then took personal time off, and Sakura was seen traveling to and from Japan and Korea for schedules and her own time off during their hiatus.

As IZ*ONE is now resuming their activities once more, with a comeback on February 17, Sakura is also returning to her position as DJ on the show again!

IZ*ONE is set to release their first full album, BLOOM*IZ with title track “Fiesta” on February 17.

Watch the MV teaser here!