IZ*ONE’s Sakura And Wonyoung Reveal Secrets About Each Other In Magazine Interview

The pair have a great friendship.

IZ*ONE’s Sakura and Wonyoung gave a joint interview for ViVi Magazine in Japan. The pair gave interesting and insightful answers to a variety of questions.

Q: What surprised you the most about Japan or Korea?

The employee at the convenience store would help you to microwave food. In Korea, we do it oursevles. So, I can even heat up stuff like tteokbokki together with ramen and cheese, but in Japan, it’s too embarassing so I can’t bring myself to say it.

– Wonyoung

There’s string cheese right? In Korea, you eat it after heating it up for about 10 seconds so it’s gooey. It becomes our breakfast sometimes. In Japan, it’s usually eaten cold just as it is, so I was surprised at first. But after trying it, I understood why. It’s more delicious when warm.

– Sakura

Q: What do you admire the most in one another?

Wonyoung is only fourteen years old. When I was her age, I was much more childish. On top of being IZ*ONE’s center, being in the spotlight, she has to be away from her parents too. I think she’s really handling it all so steadily.

– Sakura

There are lots of amazing points but if I have to choose it’s that Sakura-san is so good at gaming. I’m bad at it so I’m envious.

– Wonyoung

Q: If you swapped bodies, what would you want to do?

Wonyoung really has an amazing style so I’d probably try to show it off while walking down the street in fashion that makes the best out of her bodyline. On Takeshite street maybe.

– Sakura

Sakura is really skillful on stage, so if I’m in her shoes, I would show off how charismatic I can be on stage!

– Wonyoung

Q: What are some secrets only you know about each other?

The members all know about it but Saku-san always sleeps with her eyes open! It is as though she is wide awake.

– Wonyoung

Sakura joked that people try to talk to her even though she’s asleep.

Wonyoung and I sleep on a bunk bed, above is Wonyoung and below is me, which is why I know stuff like this. Wonyoung often talks in her sleep! There are times, I think, ‘Is she suddenly talking to me in the dead of night?’

– Sakura

Sakura and Wonyoung really have a great friendship!

Source: @fuji_itsukii