IZ*ONE Leaves Pledis To Be Produced By CJ And Managed Jointly By Swings And Off The Record

They’ll be working with CJ again.

IZ*ONE has been produced under Pledis Entertainment since their debut from Produce 48. Their contract with Pledis expires in April, and they’ve decided to move onto new agencies for their future promotions.

The group will returned to CJ ENM, which will be in charge of their album productions, while Swings Entertainment will be managing their promotions alongside the group’s original management team from Off The Record.

Swings Entertainment was in charge of managing Wanna One, the previous group to debut from the Produce 101 season before IZ*ONE, as well as briefly for X1, the group to debut after IZ*ONE.

Swings Entertainment has partnered with Off The Record to jointly manage IZ*ONE as their new management team.

— Swings Entertainment

Source: Xports News