IZ*ONE Will Make Their First Comeback in April

IZ*ONE will make their first comeback.

Produce 48 girl group IZ*ONE will make their first ever comeback in April, 6 months after their smashing success with “La Vie en Rose”.


While few details have been revealed about their comeback, anticipation is growing for the group’s first Korean comeback, and how they will have grown since their successful debut with COLOR*IZ, which recorded 192,738 sales on Gaon.


IZ*ONE recently made their official Japanese debut with “Suki to Iwasetai” which also proved to be hot in Japan, taking first ranking on the Oricon daily chart.


After taking 5 Rookie of the Year awards right after their debut, fans and the public alike are curious as to what the group will comeback with, but if it’s anything like “La Vie en Rose”, it’s sure to be a hit.

Source: Hankook Ilbo