IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Is So Tall, She Needs To Use “Manner Legs” Just So Staff Can Reach Her

Even the male staff can’t match up to her height.

IZ*ONE‘s “Giant MaknaeWonyoung is making headlines today after a clip from the group’s latest ENOZI Cam series circulated the internet. Everyone knows Wonyoung is tall, but did you know she’s so tall that even male staff can’t reach her? Unless, of course, she uses her special “manner legs” pose.

This week’s ENOZI Cam showed IZ*ONE behind the scenes of their special princess edition performance of “Secret Story of the Swan” back in June.

| KBS World/YouTube

And in one clip, while Yuri and Nako are demonstrating the song’s choreography, Wonyoung can be seen in the background getting her hair and makeup fixed by a staff member. The scene may not seem unusual, but look a little closer and you’ll notice that Wonyoung isn’t standing up straight.

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube

Instead, the maknae has her legs spread a foot or so apart in a pose known as “manner legs” in Korea. But this stance isn’t just something Wonyoung does for fun—it’s actually the only way the staff can reach her!

| official IZ*ONE/YouTube

At around 173cm in height (5 feet and 8 inches), Wonyoung is already 1 inch taller than the average South Korean man and a staggering 6 inches taller than the average South Korean woman. Her height is even more shocking when you note that Wonyoung is just 16 years old (international age), and may still have room to grow.

| @official_izone/Instagram

And even with this special stance decreasing her height, Wonyoung is still just as tall as the male staff member touching up her look. As you may have guessed, the pose is called “manner legs” because it shows the amazing manners and respect tall artists have. While spreading her legs wide may be uncomfortable for Wonyoung, it ensures staff can reach her without stretching or using a stool.

Wonyoung is over 20 centimeters taller than her unnie, Nako.

Wonyoung is so polite, she also uses “manner legs” decrease her height when she’s standing with her members. She was seen using the same stance all the way back in her Produce 48 days while standing next to Chaeyeon.

Since then, she’s also been seen with the same pose in shoots—such as this GMarket CF shoot with Chaewon.

While many of us may be envious of Wonyoung’s incredible height, the tall starlet revealed earlier this year that she gets more stressed the more she grows. Fans hope that in time, Wonyoung can come to love her body just as much as they do.

Source: Insight and official IZ*ONE (YouTube)