IZ*ONE Wowed Everyone With Their Upgraded Talent, Visual, And Japanese At FNS Music Festival

They were completely eye-catching.

IZ*ONE performed on stage for the Japanese FNS Music Festival and wowed everyone with their talents and visuals. Fans are in love with how confident and comfortable the members look on stage, as compared to when they first started off.


They performed “You’re in Love, Right?” which was first produced and performed on the show Produce 48 when the members were trainees battling for their spots in the debut team. Since then, the members have come a long away and now look super professional in their shoes!


IZ*ONE blessed the Japanese audience with their jaw-dropping visuals – in addition to their beautifully synchronized choreography and completely upgraded Japanese skills! Each and every member shined so brilliantly on stage that fans are mind blown by how they don’t seem to stop improving!


The visual center kept changing throughout the performance, first with Yena and her iconic head-tilt…


… then with Wonyoung charming the fans with her undying beauty…


… and even Sakura mesmerizing the viewers in her gorgeous sandy brown ponytail.


FNS Music Festival’s official Twitter account also shared the excitement of having IZ*ONE on the show.


Check out the full performance below:

Source: THEQOO