IZ*ONE’s Yena And Yuri Reunite To Deliver A Special Performance Of “Violeta” … For Alpacas?

Who knew alpacas could be WIZ*ONES too?

The ladies of IZ*ONE have been doing incredible things in the past few months since the group’s disbandment. From Kwon Eunbi‘s solo debut to rumors of multiple members joining new girl group’s, the future is bright for these talented idols. One idol who has chosen a different approach to her time after IZ*ONE is the ever energetic Choi Yena.

Choi Yena | @yena.jigumina/Instagram

Yena has been starring in her own YouTube series called Animal Detective where she’s brought her bright personality to many a furry friend. Last week, Yena befriended an adorable tiger cub while exploring a zoo.

On the most recent episode, Yena was joined by her former member, Jo Yuri, for an adventure at an alpaca farm. There the duo met many chaotic baby alpacas.

Near the end of the pair’s day, the producers pitched a question based on a video they’d seen online; “Will [alpacas] flock to you when you sing?”

Both Yena and Yuri were up for the challenge of seeing if alpacas responded just as well as the cows in the video did to singing.

The girls then moved to an open field to prepare to sing. Yena remained the optimist and told Yuri that this could be a good opportunity for their careers because “if even animals respond to our song, we may be called true singers.”

Yena even compared this performance to their debut, saying to Yuri “Let’s not forget our passion.” Yuri then deadpanned back to Yena the simple phrase, “Yena, I’ve never forgotten it.”

Then, like the professionals they are, the pair went into their new rendition of IZ*ONE’s “Violeta (Alpaca ver.)”.

With full choreography and impeccable vocals, the girls began their special performance. The initial hypothesis about singing to summon animals was quickly answered when they saw a large number of alpacas slowly moving towards the stage.

Once at the front of the stage, the WIZ*ONE alpacas were treated to what most fans could only dream of, a personalized version of their favorite song. Both Yuri and Yena changed the namesake of the song from “Violeta” to “Alpaca” to celebrate their newfound audience.

Yena played both the charismatic idol and the enthusiastic MC during the performance, even offering her mic for an alpaca to sing into.

The girls were genuinely moved by the alpacas support after the performance was over with Yena noting that they left as soon as the song was done.

It truly means they came just for our singing. That made us feel closer to them. These guys are so charming and nice. Please give lots of love to alpacas.


While this may not have exactly been the reunion human WIZ*ONE’s were hoping for, we can’t help but find it sweet how much effort Yena and Yuri put into serenading these critters. To see the full episode, check out the link below: