IZ*ONE’s Agency Urges Sasaengs to Stop Violating the Members with Inappropriate Behavior

“The members feel like their safety is being threatened, and this has led to physical and mental stress in our artists.”

IZ*ONE‘s agency, Off The Record Entertainment, posted an official notice urging Sasaengs refrain from committing inappropriate acts against the members on the official fan cafe website.

The post is titled, “Notice Regarding the Violation of IZ*ONE’s Personal Lives and Public Order at Airports” and it warns all Sasaeng fans that if they continue to violate the members in inappropriate ways, they will be taking strong action against them.

The agency stated, “We ask fans to stop approaching the members and taking unwanted photos and videos of them at airports, trying to make physical contact, trying to talk to them, using vulgar language or harming the staff, as well as forcefully trying to give gifts to the members.

They also added, “We also ask that you stop loitering around their accommodation and hotels, following them, asking security for their accommodation address, and taking unwanted photos of them near their accommodation and hotels.

The agency expressed their concern of the IZ*ONE members by sharing, “The members feel like their safety is being threatened as a result, and this has led to physical and mental stress in our artists.

In the case that such incidences continue to occur, the agency stated that they confiscate the cameras and delete its data and that they will not take responsibility for any damages or loss that may result.

Source: Dispatch