IZ*ONE’s Hyewon Knew Exactly What This Fan Wanted And Made It Happen At KCON NY

Hyewon just might have telepathic abilities.

IZ*ONE are currently in attendance at KCON New York where they’ve been impressing crowds with their energy and bubbly personalities.

As the group was meeting fans, they started to throw special KCON versions of the KakaoTalk mascot Ryan into the crowd.

IZ*ONE’s Hyewon was searching for someone to throw the Ryan she was holding to. Her eye caught someone with their IZ*ONE lightstick set to yellow which is Yena’s colour. Hyewon’s own colour is more of a burgundy.

According to Twitter user @VoltixLuvFromis, Hyewon locked eyes with them for twenty seconds before tossing them her Ryan. As it turns, out the Ryan had writing from Yena herself on the back. Hyewon knew exactly what she was doing.

Source: Twitter