IZ*ONE’s Japanese Fan Club Begins Refunding Members

They are also no longer accepting new members.

IZ*ONE‘s official Japanese fan club has decided to stop accepting new members.

IZ*ONE’s official Japanese fan club recently put up an announcement that started with, “Thank you for always supporting IZ*ONE.

Their agency said, “… we will suspend the IZ*ONE JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB SITE content update. In addition, we will temporarily suspend new enrollment for the monthly membership dues.

They explained that fans who enrolled in the fan club using monthly payments will be refunded the usage fee after December. Lastly, they also said, “As soon as future activities are announced, we will inform everyone about the fan club site. Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the concern and inconvenience.

IZ*ONE was supposed to release an album in November, however, their activities were temporarily suspended due to the scandal surrounding the manipulation of votes for PRODUCE 48. At the moment, all the members of IZ*ONE are taking personal time off and are spending time with their families.

The resumption of future activities has yet to be determined.

Source: kstyle