IZ*ONE and fromis_9’s Label Revealed To Be Filing Complains Against Malicious Comments Against Their Artists

They promise to protect their artists.

Off the Record, the label of groups such as IZ*ONE (pictured below) and fromis_9, shared that they will be filing complains to the court against those who have spread harmful and malicious comments against their artists.

The label announced its decision on June 5th, saying that they will take legal action against those who commented with the intent defamation, false information, malicious comments, slander, and sexual harassment through official fan cafes and more.

They intend to protect their artists to the best of their abilities.

Off the Record has released an official statement.

Hello. This is Off the Record Entertainment.

First off, we would like to thank the fans who have shown love and interest for our artists fromis_9 and IZ*ONE.

We announced on October 17 last year that we will be taking legal action to protect our artists from cases of defamation, dissemination of false information, malicious comments, slander, and sexual harassment.

As of now, we are collecting information that has been given to us and the data has been monitored. We are pleased to inform everyone that we will be be submitting a formal inquiry by filing complains for the first time this June.

If you find any cases of malicious comments, slander, and false information against our artists, please send it to our email address and we will review them and take the appropriate actions needed.

We would to remind everyone that our legal countermeasures are a strong response to protect our artists, and we will do our utmust to protect them through continuous monitoring and taking action against harmful comments.

Once again, we would like to thank all of those who love and care for our artists, and we hope for your encouragement and support.

Thank you.


Source: Daum