IZ*ONE’s Sakura ReveaIs The Goofball Of The Group (Hint: It’s Not Minju)

Sakura says another member, not Minju, is the lovable ditz of the group.

During her Japanese radio show Tonight Under the Tree of Miyawaki, IZ*ONE‘s Sakura revealed to her listeners that Yena is the real goofball in the group.

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Many fans tend to think of Minju as the resident goofball. Minju is met with “Minju did it again” reactions from fans and fellow members every time she has a ditzy episode.

In lieu of this, a Minju stan asked Sakura about the latest “Minju did it again” episode, and her thoughts on Minju’s reputation as the lovable ditz.

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So it came as a surprise to many when Sakura adamantly responded that Minju is organized, a hard worker, and generally has things under control.

Sakura then said that although Yena is not exactly a goofball either, she is closer to that character than Minju is.

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Known as a mood-maker with high energy, Yena was picked by Sakura as the lovable ditz of the group, to the surprise of many.

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