IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Opens Up On What It’s Like Being The Maknae Of The Group

Being the maknae isn’t always easy.

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung and Minju landed on the cover of Elle Korea and they look absolutely stunning. Along with the beautiful cover came an intriguing interview.

In Wonyoung’s interview, she was asked about what it’s like being the “maknae” (the youngest) of the group.

Being the youngest of the group can be hard at times. You’re expected to always be respectful and follow the older members; however, Wonyoung clarified that’s not the case for her and IZ*ONE. For her, it’s a more relaxed and loving relationship.

Because of my own nature, I’ve never felt pressured by the title ‘maknae.’ Rather, the fact that I can record my younger days is very meaningful and i’m grateful.

— Wonyoung

Wonyoung clearly took the title of “maknae” without any burdens and stated that she actually loves the title as she receives a lot of love from her unnies.

Also, I want to be the maknae forever. The feeling of being loved is good, and the unnie members understand and are more generous towards me. There are, of course, moments when I have to follow as the youngest. We need to compromise with each other and we have been doing exactly that.

— Wonyoung

| @official_izone/Twitter

It appears that being maknae may have some pressure sometimes, but also comes with some perks. Overall, Wonyoung makes it clear that she is loved by her unnies and enjoys her position as the maknae.

Source: Elle Korea and Twitter