ITZY’s Chaeryeong Says She’s Not Pretty…And What The Members Do Next Will Make You Soft

Everyone needs supportive friends like them.

Despite being insanely beautiful, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong doesn’t always have the most confidence in her appearance. However, her members made sure to let her know how they truly felt!

During episode 1 of IT’z PLAYTIME, Chaeryeong was asked whether or not she believes she’s the prettiest member of ITZY during an interrogation with children.

Immediately, her gloomy expression is evident as she doesn’t hesitate to answer, “No, I’m not.”

However, the ITZY members weren’t having this. They immediately pressed the button to sound the red buzzer and indicate that it was a lie!

IT’z PLAYTIME EP.1 | hello82/YouTube

Because of this, the mini-interviewers began to interrogate Chaeryeong further regarding her answer.

She stood firm in her belief that she isn’t the prettiest, but the irony is that she couldn’t have looked any cuter doing so!

The members couldn’t help but giggle at the adorable banter they caused.

If Chaeryeong truly believed this, then she had to “prove herself.”

Eventually, they settled on her showing the choreography of “Not Shy” and she’ll wipe her hands clean of this lie she told.

Chaeryeong agreed and slayed the dance.

ITZY’s plan worked — Chaeryeong’s true confidence and beauty shine the most when she dances!

The members are always there to lift one another up!

| @nocontextitzy/Twitter

Check out the full super cute interview below.


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