J Balvin Teases Collaboration With BTS

It’s already recorded.

Colombian singer J Balvin, known as the “Prince of Reggaeton,” is teasing a collaboration with BTS.

J Balvin
J Balvin

Previously, BTS and J Balvin met at various events. J Balvin, J-Hope, and Jimin attended the Dior fashion show. He also met with the whole group at The 2022 GRAMMY Awards. 

Last year, BTS maknae Jungkook named J Balvin as one of three Latin artists he enjoys listening to. Shortly after, J. Balvin posted a story on Instagram with the caption “Jungkook is the vibe” with “Seven” playing.

| @jbalvin/Instagram
| @jbalvin/Instagram

Balvin also shared a mysterious post via X (formerly Twitter) a couple of days later. ARMYs noticed he used nothing but a peace sign and hand, which, when added up, can symbolize the number seven, which is heavily associated with BTS. This sparked collaboration rumors.

It turns out that J Balvin and BTS had collaborated, but it has yet to be released.

J Balvin with BTS | @jbalvin/Instagram

During a recent live broadcast, J Balvin was asked if he would collaborate with a K-Pop group. He revealed he already had. He and BTS recorded a song. He didn’t say when it would be released, though.

Since J Balvin knows little about the upcoming release, ARMYs believe it’s a BTS track on which he is featured. They wonder what else is in the group’s vault.

Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 11.57.27 AM

Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 11.57.16 AM

Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 11.56.53 AM

Recently, J Balvin also showed love for ATEEZ. Read more below.

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