J-Hope, King Of Promo, Just Sold Out BTS Merch At The Speed Of Sound

This merch item is no longer available due to high demand.

If you were J-Hoping to buy one particular piece of BTS merch, you’re out of luck!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

On October 6, BTS released the official trailer for BTS Pop-Up: MAP OF THE SOUL, a virtual merchandise store for their upcoming MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concert. The store offers an array of BTS goodies, including hats, backpacks, blankets.

It is also selling the mini bag J-Hope is wearing in his latest Twitter selfies. Or, at least…it was.

| Weverse store

According to fans, the mini bag, priced at $31.50 for preorders, sold out just ten minutes after he tweeted his D-3 message and photos. J-Hope’s name also became a top trending topic in various countries.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Fun fact: this mini bag is by far the most affordable item J-Hope is wearing, but he makes everything look luxurious!

With just three days to go, excitement for BTS’s concert is at an all-time high. Anyone who is planning to buy merch but hasn’t yet might want to hop over to the Weverse store before more sells out!

| @bts_twt/Twitter


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