J-Hope’s Sister Shares How She Feels About Hitting 1 Million Subscribers With Just 2 YouTube Videos

She already has 1 million subscribers with just 2 YouTube videos.

BTS‘s J-Hope‘s sister, Jung Ji Woo recently started her own YouTube channel called MEJIWOO, which gives viewers an inside look at her life as the CEO of an online shopping mall as well as her personal life.

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Despite only having 2 videos so far on her YouTube channel, she reached 1 million subscribers, many of which are supportive ARMYs.

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And Jung Ji Woo addressed the mind-blowing achievement on her official Instagram account.

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Her post reads as follows:

This is my first time writing so much on my feed in a long time.

I noticed that my YouTube channel already gained over 1 million subscribers…! Many people have requested it for a while, but I also started the channel because of my desire to showcase some products in the form of a video rather than just photos… as well as my desire to share my work and daily life. And seeing everyone show so much interest in it makes me feel dazed… and a little taken aback.

I uploaded videos on Friday around two times, and although no upload schedule has been set, just in case you were expecting another upload this Friday… I’ve been too busy lately with new launches, so I have nothing filmed, which means I’ll probably post a new video in October. I haven’t decided on the content of the video yet, but I’ll do my best to film my daily life as well as my work log in the upcoming days.

Thank you to those who subscribed. I’ll do my best to make videos that will be comfortable to watch. I’ll keep the positive mindset that even though I’m lacking, things will get better with effort. Is that the cue for a petname…? I’ll wrap up my day by thinking about such things, heh…

— Jung Jiwoo

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오랜만에 피드에 끄적끄적✏️. 벌써 제 유투브 채널이 100만이 넘었더라구요..😮..! 그동안 많이 요청 주시기도 하셨지만 두 브랜드를 운영하면서 사진보다는 영상으로 보여드리고팠던 제품 소개라던지.. 사이트 업무나 소소한 제 일상을 공유드리고싶었던 마음에 시작한 채널에 너무 많은 관심을 주셔서 얼떨떨하기도 하고..당황스럽기도 하고 그래요😭. 금요일 저녁에 영상을 두번정도 업로딩 했는데 영상이 올라가는 날짜는 지정된건 아니지만 혹시라도 이번주 금요일 새로운 영상 기다리고 계실까봐… ㅠㅠ 요즘은 신상 준비에 다른 업무가 많아 영상촬영해둔게 없어서 10월달쯤 새로운 영상이올라갈것 같아요. 컨텐츠 내용은 아직 정해지진않았지만 다가오는 명절동안 일상도 담아보고, 좀더 디테일한 쇼핑몰 업무 로그도 담아 볼게요😊. 혹시라도 기다리실까봐.. 끄적끄적 해봅니다..🙏🏻 구독해주신분들 감사해요.❤️ 자극없이 보기 편안한 영상 만들수있도록 최선을 다해볼게요. 서툴지만 노력하면 나아질거라는 긍정마인드🌟 슬슬 애칭 나와야하지않나…. 고민하며 하루 마무리 해보겠습니다 헷..

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