J-Hope Spills What Styles & Themes To Expect From BTS’s New Album, “BE”

“Look forward to it!” — J-Hope

It’s only been a day since BTS announced their new album, BE, but fans are already abuzz with excitement for the November 20 release date. And now, there’s even more to get hyped about as J-Hope revealed a little more about what to expect in a YouTube live broadcast.

Last week, BTS delivered a “message of hope” during the 75th UN General Assembly in which the members shared their own difficulties during the pandemic. Though the group felt hopeless as their plans for the year slipped away, they managed to get through their depression by using music as an outlet—something J-Hope echoed in his livestream.

We embraced all these emotions and the seven of us began to make music together.

— J-Hope, 75th UN General Assembly

In the broadcast, J-Hope explained that during their COVID-19 downtime, all the members worked hard on creating new songs for ARMYs. Lots of those songs, he said, made it onto the BE tracklist.

He went on to say that the group put a lot of their thoughts about the current pandemic situation into the music and shared that he believes fans will be able to relate to the songs. During the group’s United Nations speech, he also confessed that BTS’s upcoming music is “honest” because it shares their raw emotions from the past year’s situation.

Our songs became the stories we wanted to tell each other.

— Jungkook, 75th UN General Assembly

J-Hope wanted to avoid spoilers, so he couldn’t tell ARMYs too much about the songs themselves during the live YouTube broadcast. He did, however, spill that the “song styles you want to hear right now… from BTS” will be featured on BE.

Instead of telling you too much, I think you should just listen to the music when the time comes and feel for yourself. That’ll be better

— J-Hope, September 28 live broadcast

After hearing his words, some of the styles ARMYs are expecting include jazz, soul, ballads, R&B, and songs with the emotional pull of “Spring Day”.

All in all, J-Hope hopes that ARMYs will look forward to the album they’ve “ground [their] souls into“. Whatever comes on November 20, fans can be sure that BTS will be spilling all their truest thoughts for everyone to empathize with.

The album, BE—Look forward to it.

— J-Hope, September 28th live broadcast

Watch J-Hope’s full live broadcast for yourself here:


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