J-Hope’s New Mixtape Featured On Time Magazine’s “5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week” List

The ‘J-Horse’ is in full gallop now, and can’t be stopped!

“Hope World”, BTS J-Hope‘s highly anticipated mixtape, has scored a spot on TIME Magazine‘s list of “5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week”.  


According to TIME, solo projects have been “a bell tolling for the end of an era” for groups like One Direction.

They said “One Direction put their whole group on indefinite hiatus” in order for the members to do their own solo projects. In the end, those projects caused a “fracturing of the band into separate identities”.


But for BTS, solo projects like RM’s “RM” and Suga’s “Agust D” have broken records, earned accolades, and made the group stronger as a whole. “Hope World” continues this legacy.

Like J-Hope, “Hope World” is “bouncy and fresh, “infectiously upbeat”, and has been featured alongside pop music heavy-weights.


TIME’s other four picks are: DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” (feat. Beyoncé, Future, and Jay Z), Yo La Tengo’s “For You Too,” Tom Misch and De La Soul’s “It Runs Through Me,” and Amber Mark’s “Love Me Right.”


Within hours of its release, BTS’s bubbly rapper set a new record for the most No. 1’s on iTunes of any Korean solo artist. A.R.M.Y can’t wait to see where J-Hope’s success will take him!

Source: Star News and TIME