J.Y. Park encourages “SIXTEEN” contestants to stop cursing

In a recent episode of competitive trainee show SIXTEEN, J.Y. Park gave some honest advice to the female contestants.

Aired on June 16th, SIXTEEN aired its 7th episode where JYP Entertainment’s founder J.Y. Park gave them advice on how to become a “good person,” revealing the key is to be “sincerity, humility, and honesty.”

Furthermore, he emphasizes to them not to swear, adding, “I used to curse a lot in the past. But since 2010, I changed my line of thinking. I don’t swear at all anymore.”

He continues, “Eventually you will be caught while in JYP even if you are careful. You have to be a person who has nothing to hide. Even if you have cursed in the past, I hope you stop starting today.”

Source: My Daily

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