Jaden Smith Promotes 9MUSES and Eric Nam On Twitter

Jaden Smith‘s recent posts on social media are proof-positive that he is a big K-Pop fan!

Late last year, Hollywood actor, artist, and model, Jaden Smith, proclaimed that he wanted to become a K-Pop star. Many people were caught off-guard by his statement and wondered whether or not he was serious, but he soon put speculation to rest by stating that it would be one of his goals for 2017.

The reception of Jaden Smith’s goal to become a K-Pop star has been mixed, but fans have begun to notice that he seems to be genuinely interested in K-Pop as he has been sharing and re-tweeting various K-Pop songs and connecting with some of K-Pop’s biggest names.

Jaden was recently spotted showing his love for K-Pop as he tweeted Eric Nam‘s Can’t Help Myself MV.

Eric Nam responded positively and thanked him for the shout-out by saying, “thanks for the love bro … link up soon!”

Jaden Smith also recently retweeted a clip from 9MUSES‘s Hurt Locker.