Jae Announces He Will Take A Hiatus From DAY6

He will be taking a hiatus.

Jae has announced he will be taking a hiatus from DAY6.

In a post on his personal Twitter account, Jae has announced he will be taking a hiatus from DAY6, but did not elaborate too much into the details.

Hello My Day.

I am sincerely grateful for everyone who has been with DAY6 and me. For the past six years, I have had a very happy time and made memories that will last forever with me. I have had a lot of thoughts and ideas, and put in a lot of work, but I am still lacking in many ways, so I can’t stay where I am right now.

After discussing with JYP, I am sorry to tell you that we have made the decision for me to take a break from DAY6’s activities for the time being. I will cherish the memories, from the sweat and journeys together to the crying and rejoice that we felt for the past six years. and will return more improved. This has been DAY6’s Jae.

Thank you!

— Jae

JYP has not yet officially released a statement on Jae’s personal statement.