MC and TV Personality JaeJae Shades SBS For Discrediting MMTG – Netizens Are Divided

Some are calling her immature while others are on her side.

MC JaeJae is known for her YouTube channel, MMTG, where she interviews many celebrities and idols. She’s well-loved amongst fans for making a comfortable interview atmosphere for them. Her show is also known for its “hit songs you listen to in hiding” (HSYLTIH) segment which features catchy tunes and embarrassing lyrics. As this has become a trademark corner, many fans have come to associate MMTG with the term.

On SBS‘s Gayo Daejun recently, the show introduced a “hit songs you listen to in hiding” segment as well. However, their lack of mention of MMTG seems to have struck a nerve with both JaeJae and her show’s producer. She posted an Instagram story with the caption, “once again, a HSYLTIH segment without MMTG:) Really…..kkkkkk

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MMTG’s producer uploaded a similar story with the following emojis.

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Some netizens are calling her immature, and the fact that JaeJae and MMTG are both under the SBS broadcast branch as well. They have also pointed out that the term for “hit songs you listen to in hiding” originated as early as in 2015, and was not created exclusively by JaeJae.

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On the other hand, some have stepped up in her defense.

  • “SBS is weirder and dumb for not mentioning MMTG as they’re all under SBS lol”
  • “JaeJae was the one who made it a hit through her YouTube contents and the fact that broadcasts are slyly using the term and taking all the singers and songs would be really annoying if I was her… This time because it was SBS I too was abit like ‘huh?’ but previously other broadcasts did the same from time to time”

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SBS has not spoken up on the matter.

Source: pann and theqoo