Jaejoong Posts Giant “NO” Following Yoochun’s Marriage Announcement

After the news of JYJ‘s Yoochun marriage announcement yesterday, Jaejoong posted “NO” to Instagram.

Following the news of Yoochun’s engagement announcement to Hwang Hana yesterday and the official confirmation by the company, Jaejoong took to Instagram with a vague message.

The image simply read “NO” twice in full capital letters, but there was no accompanying text to explain the context for the post.


Fans have different theories as to why he posted the image.

Many have speculated this is a response to the marriage announcement. Some online users have expressed their confusion at the posts meeting stating,

“[+10, -0] What is he saying no to though????”
– Online User

Others have responded more viscerally given the accusations toward Yoochun in the past.

“[+356, -29] I imagine Kim Jaejoong would be really frustrated. As if Park Yoochun’s previous scandal wasn’t enough to turn the group’s image to sh*t, it’s ridiculous to think that someone you knew for 13-14 years is getting married without a word to you… He hadc to find out through the media. Think of the betrayal…”
– Online User

There has been no confirmation on the meaning of the post as of yet.

Source: Newsen