Jaejoong proves his loyalty to JYJ

Kim Jaejoong may be out of the military now, but fans are hoping that he’d share his thoughts about JYJ’s future. 

On December 30th, Jaejoong greeted his fans with a short interview following his official discharge from military service. During the short interview, he talked about his life as a soldier and even revealed the top girl groups in the service.

The subject fans really wanted to hear about was his future plans regarding JYJ. First, he was asked about what the members said about his discharge. According to Jaejoong, “Every time I had a vacation, in my spare time, I met with the members” and was advised strongly to persevere in his enlistment.  He added that he will be seeing his fans through a short meeting and hinted to see more of them through various activities in the future.

Among the three members of JYJ, Jaejoong was the first to enlist. Junsu is scheduled to enlist early next year while Yoochun continues to serve in the military amidst sexual assault controversies.

Source: MyDaily