Jaejoong’s Friend Reveals the Truth Behind His “NO” post on Instagram

According to a close insider, here’s what Kim Jaejoong‘s mysterious Instagram post really meant.

To the surprise of many, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun announced his marriage out of the blue last week, and shortly after the announcement was made, Yoochun’s fellow group member, Jaejoong, took to Instagram to post a giant “NO” with no other caption to hint as to what the post was about.

Some believed it may have had something to do with the announcement, and that Jaejoong was expressing his disbelief in how someone as close as Yoochun hadn’t told him about his marriage prior to the announcement. Others believed that the members of JYJ were involved in a feud with each other and that Yoochun had never intended to tell them, but these theories were quickly shut down.

“It isn’t true that the members are in the middle of a fued. They don’t meet up regularly, but they do keep in touch quite often.”

— Close insider to Kim Jaejoong

According to this close insider, Jaejoong uploaded the Instagram post while he was having dinner with his family, and that he may have uploaded it to express how dumbfounded he was at how no one in JYJ nor their agency knew that Yoochun was getting married. They also clarified the situation and explained what Jaejoong was possibly feeling when making the post.

“It’s understandable to think that they didn’t communicate well upon seeing his Instagram post. I don’t really contact the members that much so I don’t really know, but I think he isn’t seeing it in a negative light, but more of a worrisome one.

While it’s clear that he is taken aback, I’m sure they will talk and figure things out in the right direction.”

— Close insider to Kim Jaejoong

Source: Joins