Jang Hyunseung’s Recent Updates Show He Is Winning At Military Life

He’s doing great!

Former BEAST member turned soloist Jang Hyunseung is currently away from the K-Pop industry, serving his military duty since July 24, 2018. His fans miss him dearly – so when he recently updated his Instagram with pictures from his vacation time away from the base, they instantly went viral!


Jang Hyunseung shared a picture of himself in the military uniform. As the caption, he left an emoji of the South Korean flag. He looks proud to be successfully completing his duty! Fans can’t help but notice how he is glowing, even as a soldier.

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Previously, when Jang Hyunseung’s military pictures were shared, fans were wowed by his positive transformation. Jang Hyunseung still seems healthy and happy, which continues to make the fans feel relieved.


Jang Hyunseung also shared a picture of himself out of the military uniform. In regular attire, he looks trendy and more stylish than ever, like he never left the K-Pop scene. Fans can’t believe how amazing he looks, even after having been in the army for almost a year now. The comments section is flooding with words of love and support from the fans who have been waiting for such updates from Jang Hyunseung himself.


Jang Hyunseung also included pictures from his visit to SE7EN‘s place. In the series of pictures Jang Hyunseung shared, SE7EN is seen preparing a fancy steak dinner for Jang Hyunseung. These two K-Pop stars have become close friends after they met in a bowling club. It looks like the brotherhood is still strong between Jang Hyunseung and SE7EN!

He captioned, “I went to his house because he invited me there… He cooked up a meal for his brother who is out on military vacation. He really is the whole package.”


Jang Hyunseung’s fans miss seeing him on stage. And seeing from his upload of a dance practice from two years ago, Jang Hyunseung must miss the stage too! Fans continue to patiently await his release and hope for his return to performing as a solo male artist!

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