Jang Jane Reveals The Reason Why She Kept Her Sexual Assault Story A Secret All This Time

She finally told her story yesterday.

Following Jang Jane‘s recent confession that she is actually a victim of sexual assault, she took to her Instagram account to answer some of her fans’ questions about the shocking reveal.

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One of her answers reads as follows:

I’m trying not to write so much so that it doesn’t look complicated, but I ended up writing a lot today anyway.

At the time of the incident, revealing something like this was something that could severely harm me.

But how is it now? Is the world a better place now? Or is it the same?

Will I regret what happened today just like when I was little and the adults told me to keep quiet about it and to quietly get over it since it’s an embarrassing thing?

I don’t think that’s true anymore.

— Jang Jane

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In a following story, Jang Jane continued,

I read all of them! It was a very tiring day, but I feel like I have roots now.

Since I couldn’t be honest to those around me for a single moment, I felt like I was just floating around without roots. And that hurt me.

But after telling my story, I feel like the walls between me and my friends came down, making it seem as though I’ve found my roots, which I’ve never expected in my life in the first place.

I’m sorry if my story made you uncomfortable. But let’s stop shaming people for incidents like this.

Thank you to the world, where there are more people who are fragrant.

Have a happy night.

— Jang Jane

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Ahead of these posts, Jang Jane confessed that she was sexually assaulted at 18 years old, leading to anxiety, seizures, and difficulty breathing.

| @jangjane_/Instagram

She also shared that she endured the pain by listening to artists who went through similar hardships and expressed her wishes for her story to help others as well.

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