Actress Jang Na Ra’s K-Drama “Exes” Bid Her The Most Hilarious Goodbyes At Her Wedding

Take a peep inside her beautiful and laughter-filled wedding!

On June 26 (KST), singer-turned-actress Jang Na Ra tied the knot with her fiancé.

Jang Na Ra at her wedding | Lawon Munhwa

While the actress kept a lot of her wedding private, in consideration of her husband who is a non-celebrity, some hilarious moments from the ceremony have been shared by her older brother and the guests!

Thank goodness, the day has come. She has been nothing but good and diligent. Please congratulate her. Let them be and I know they’ll be happy together. I appreciate everyone for coming to the wedding. #HappyWeddingDay #MySister #FinallyMarried #YouLookedGoodTodayIGuess

— Jang Sung Won, Jang Na Ra’s Brother

To celebrate her matrimony, Jang Na Ra invited her co-stars from her previous hit K-Dramas like VIP and Sell Your Haunted House—some of whom shared romantic scenes with her.

Lee Sang Yoon (left) with Jang Na Ra (right) and Jung Yong Hwa (left) with Jang Na Ra (right) | @nara0318/Instagram & @jyheffect0622/Instagram

And, upon spotting these “exes” in the crowd, the wedding host, comedian, and Jang Na Ra’s best friend Park Kyung Lim asked them to bid her farewell.

Park Kyung Lim (left) and Jang Na Ra (right) | Dispatch

Actor Lee Sang Yoon, who played the role of Park Sung Joon—a character married to Na Jung Seon played by Jang Na Ra—in VIP, first hesitated with shyness but soon shouted at the top of his lungs.

Goodbye! Be happy! Have a good life!

— Lee Sang Yoon

Idol-turned-actor Jung Yong Hwa, who played the role of Oh In Beom—a character who falls in love with Hong Ji A played by Jang Na Ra—in Sell Your Haunted House, also got to send the actress noona off with a heartfelt goodbye!

Park Kyung Lim: Please bid her farewell from the bottom of your heart!

Jung Yong HwaNoona! Bye! Goodbye, noona! NOONA! FAREWELL!

When these cheeky moments began circulating online, Jang Na Ra’s fans congratulated the actress on her beautiful and laughter-filled wedding…

| Lawon Munhwa

…and also praised Park Kyung Lim for not crossing any lines and asking only the single co-stars participate!

| theqoo
  • “Hahahahaha.”
  • “Jung Yong Hwa, LMAO.”
  • “Of course, Park Kyung Lim only made the single men do it. She’s smart! Haha.”
  • “How clever, haha. This is hilarious, too.”
  • “Wait, Jang Na Ra got married?! Daebak.”
  • “Hahaha.”
  • “LOL. I wish them a happily-ever-after!”
  • “Wow, super smart [of Park Kyung Lim] to ask the single guys.”
  • “Jung Yong Hwa sounds like he’s actually related to Jang Na Ra and he’s so excited to send her off.”
  • “Too bad Jang Hyuk didn’t get to say bye.”
  • “Wait, [Park Kyung Lim] didn’t asked the married co-stars? She’s so smart.”
  • “What show did Park Kyung Lim and Jang Na Ra do together? I love that they’re still best friends.”
  • “This is such a fun wedding, haha.”
  • “LMAO! Jung Yong Hwa’s so cute.”
  • “Hahaha.”
  • “Where’s Ho Jun-ie though?! I loved their chemistry on ‘Go Back Couple,’ haha.”
  • “So cute, LOL. This is so heartwarming.”

Congratulations, Jang Na Ra!

| Lawon Munhwa
Source: ChosunBiz, EDaily and theqoo