“Workman” Jang Sung Kyu Rushed To The Emergency Room Due To High Fever…Testing For Coronavirus

His results will be out later today.

Celebrity Jang Sung Kyu has cancelled all his current schedules currently as he is being contained in the hospital after rushing to the E.R last night on the 7th of September due to a high fever.

Jang Sung Kyu took to his personal Instagram account on the morning of the 8th of September 2020 to deliver the news to his fans who were worrying. His fever reportedly hit 39 degrees celsius, but was reduced to 38.4 the next morning. He wanted to continue his schedules as it was a promise, so he headed to the MBC broadcasting studios for his radio show. However, due to temperature checks, he was unable to enter and was sent to the E.R instead for treatment.

He is currently under a stable condition. Although it is believed that it is simply an infection from gastroenteritis, as a safety precaution, he will be undergoing testing for the coronavirus as well.

The results for his coronavirus test is reportedly coming out later in the day. Jang Sung Kyu is currently hosting a highly popular YouTube series, Workman. Check out his episode with EXO below.

Source: YTN