Here’s Why Jang Wonyoung Becoming The Model For Clothing Brand KIRSH Is Significant

A power move.

Jang Wonyoung was recently announced as the model for clothing brand KIRSH. She uploaded a photo of her holding a congratulatory cake with the caption, “Meeting with a cherry” in reference to the brand’s signature logo.

While Wonyoung has been sweeping up many modelling or ambassador contracts, such as for luxury brands MIU MIU and Chaumet, this is the first clothing brand that she will be the solo model for that’s targeted at youth. As Wonyoung herself is still a high-schooler at 17 years old (internationally), it is important for her to keep her bubbly image even though she pulls off luxury so well.

Not only that, KIRSH is one of the most popular brands in South Korea right now for teens. Almost every middle to high schooler will own at least one of their items. It is known as the trending must-have brand if you’re a student! Some even say that parents must hate the brand as their kids are always asking for clothing from it!

As KIRSH is famous for fresh and bubbly styles that will make anyone a “human cherry”, Wonyoung is perfect for it!