“Jangkku Couple” IVE’s Wonyoung And ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Reunite And Netizens Can’t Get Enough

A prince and princess.

Jangkku was one of Music Bank‘s most-loved MC pairs, consisting of IVE‘s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon. The visual combination was out of this world.

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During the recent 2023 Golden Disc Awards in Jakarta, Wonyoung and Sunghoon reunited backstage to film a challenge for ENHYPEN’s “Sweet Venom.” This is one of the few interactions that fans of the Jangkku couple have gotten since their tenure as MCs ended.

Wonyoung nailed the choreography.

They both had perfect visuals and expressions.

Seeing them reunite was a treat for fans.

Netizens loved seeing the two together. The response was explosive as the video soon went viral.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Crazy, what’s up with both their faces? F*cking pretty and f*cking handsome.
  • Wonyoung is really a genius idol.
  • Really they’re both f*cking pretty and handsome. Gorgeous.
  • Wondered why they looked familiar and it was the Music Bank MC pairing.
  • Oh, f*cking pretty and f*cking handsome.
  • Crazy, Wonyoung is so pretty. Princess.
  • I love it.
  • Wonyoung is a real princess.
  • How is Wonyoung so good at making expressions even for other groups’ challenges? She pulls it off as well as a performance.

Catch the full challenge below!

Source: theqoo