Japan’s Largest Fan Media Company SKIYAKI Terminates Contract With Spire Entertainment Amidst OMEGA X Abuse Scandal

It’s in response to OMEGA X’s press conference.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying and graphic content that may disturb some readers.

OMEGA X are not the only ones terminating their contracts with Spire Entertainment.

On Wednesday, November 16, OMEGA X held a press conference with their legal representatives regarding the abuse they have endured under Spire Entertainment. Previously, OMEGA X’s CEO was caught physically and verbally abusing the members following their concert in Los Angeles. Spire Entertainment then released an official statement regarding the situation and ultimately resigned as CEO. Recently, the members opened a new Instagram account regardless of their social media ban to communicate the situation to fans.

OMEGA X at the press conference  

In the recent press conference, the members fully revealed all the forms of abuse Spire Entertainment had put them through. They are taking action against the company, pressing charges and terminating their contracts.

The group’s legal representative stated, “We will proceed with pressing charges against the former CEO for threatening, assaulting, and exploiting the members. First, we will apply for nullifying the exclusive contract for OMEGA X’s activities.” OMEGA X’s leader Jaehan also opened up about why they decided not to hold things in any longer.

Now, in response to the press conference, SKIYAKI, Japan’s largest fan media company, is terminating its contract with Spire Entertainment.


Before the group’s debut, the two companies signed a contract in March 2021 for OMEGA X. So, SKIYAKI held OMEGA X’s Japanese license.

SKIYAKI notified FOR X (OMEGA X fans) via OMEGA X’s official Japan website about the termination of the contract. They also apologized. 


Read more of the latest updates concerning Spire Entertainment’s abuse scandal below.

Source: OmegaX_JAPAN

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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