Japanese Man Uses The Worst Possible Defense To Deny His Sexual Assault Charges

The incident occurred near Tokyo.

A Japanese man’s attempt to evade the consequences of sexually assaulting a woman has taken over the internet for its sheer absurdity.

Representative image | utoimage

On January 24, a 60-year-old Japanese man was accused by a 24-year-old woman of squeezing her breasts without consent. The incident occurred at a hotel in Nikko city, a quaint town located two hours from Tokyo.

Though the finer details of the incident are unknown, according to reports, the police were summoned to the hotel around 7 pm on the day of the incident. The man was arrested on suspicion of forced indecency, which is the legal charge for molestation in Japan.

The man then tried to deny the charges, saying that he didn’t touch both breasts, only one of them. Japanese media outlet Sora News 24 explained that “In the Japanese language, there’s generally no difference between singular and plural nouns.” So, upon being told that he was under arrest for touching the woman’s “mune” (breast), he replied that he didn’t touch “ryomune” (both breasts).

This wild explanation probably came from the old man in hopes that it would lighten the punishment he was about to receive, though, in reality, it was unlikely to have any effect. Japanese Twitter is baffled by the man’s statement, to say the least.

[That’s] not an excuse.

—@DIo98555326Dio, Twitter

Do you think you can lighten your crime? The way you say it is gross.

—@shushu_0915, Twitter

If you rub one or both, the charge will not change.