Japanese Media Reports Miyawaki Sakura Has Officially Signed A Contract With HYBE

They also got a statement from her representatives.

A Japanese media outlet has reported that Miyawaki Sakura has officially signed an exclusive contract with HYBE.

According to an exclusive report from Japanese media outlet WoW Korea via Newsen, Miyawaki Sakura has signed a contract with HYBE. Based on the report, one of Miyawaki Sakura’s representatives also confirmed the signing.

Miyawaki Sakura signed a contract with HYBE and will depart from Japan and head to Korea within August.

— Miyawaki Sakura’s representative

Earlier, it was reported that HYBE was attempting to recruit Miyawaki Sakura alongside fellow IZ*ONE member Kim Chaewon to join their company to lead their new upcoming girl group. HYBE at the time, HYBE simply stated that they had no comment. It was also reported back in March that Miyawaki Sakura would be joining HYBE and back then, they simply said nothing was decided.

Source: Newsen
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